Smoke & Mirrors of Govt Sponsored Immigration – Shadow Govt – More on the “dumb” Australia deal

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Certain politically-correct refugee religious backgrounds are preferred while others are essentially ignored. And in almost no instance are the refugees properly-vetted

Seeing Through the Smoke & Mirrors of Government Sponsored Immigration

Feb 3, 2017 By Randy Kleine

Having long admired your home as a place of peace and a comfortable living, a hungry man unlawfully breaks and enters and, his admiration having been confirmed, decides to take up residence. His family joins him, and soon new babies arrive to anchor his claim that he has a “right” to residence in your home.

He contributes to the welfare of your community through menial labor in construction, housekeeping, agriculture, and other important jobs, but the economic benefits of his work accrues mostly to himself and his family and to his employer who often pays substandard wages or who pays him “under the table.”

Very few benefits come back to you because you…

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