Denver school of gnosis:mathematical formulas for intuitive knowledge (Kepler, Newton, Wronski)
First fundamental law of mathematics: Lex Suprema or the Supreme Law
Explanation: The first law determines in a systematic and absolute manner the angular movement of the stars. In the formula below, Α (alpha) are determinants used to compute the coefficients (now known as Wronskians), and Ω (omega) are arbitrary functions, of which all the conceivable modes of the generation of quantities or of a function which is represented by Fx .
Second fundamental law of mathematics: Problema Universale or the Universal Problem
Explanation: The second law determines in a systematic and absolute manner, for all the angular positions of the stars, their distance from the central star. The Universal Problem serves to determine (for some order) the differentials of the function of a particular number who’s variables themselves are functions of another number who’s variables are independent. To solve this equation, what must be determined is the unknown quantity of x . In the below formula, the characteristics f, f1, f2, f3, etc., denote the functions of the unknown x, and the quantities x1, x2, x3, etc., are known or given.  
Third fundamental law of mathematics: Teleiogis or the Law of Finality (Teleology is the philosophical doctrine that final cause, design, and purpose exist in nature) 
Explanation: The third law determines the unity of measures of the periodicity of movements. Again the objective is to determine the value of x, which governs the CONGRUENCE or the CONCORDANCE between the three primitive elements of the algorithm: gradation, summation, and reproduction. In the formula and algorithm below, the gradation is xm (power), the summation is a (residue), the reproduction is M (module), and nombre entier is a whole number.

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